Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…halfway done with this year

Hi, I started a blog once. It seems to remember me, which is nice of it.

As we’re now halfway through 2010 I thought it would be good to see how I’m doing with my tasks. I’m going to check everything as I go through this list – I have a wall planner with updates but otherwise I don’t know how well I’m doing. I think relatively well, but I may be proved wrong.

– run three 5k+ races

So far I’ve run one 10k and that’s it. I think I signed up for something else – maybe in July – but I don’t remember what or when. Clearly my planning is working out well.

33% completed

– learn to drive

I bought some software to help me with theory test but haven’t looked at it much. I  haven’t  taken any lessons or anything. I should probably do something quickly or that’ll be two years running I’ve failed this.

0% completed

– take some lessons

I have done nothing of the sort.

0% completed

– visit Israel

I’ve got flights booked for September and I even managed to tempt some friends to go with me. After all the initial  negative responses I’m quite pleased about this. I have no idea if Daria will actually want to meet me, but so long as I keep my word I’ll be happy.

Last year I wanted to go to two new countries which I didn’t get round to. This year with Israel and Tunisia in April I’ve achieved that, just a year late.

On target

– improve my CV

I don’t think I’ve done anything on this front. No new qualifications, no more work, no more skills. I’ve now stayed in a job for more than two years which is possibly something credible, but that isn’t good enough.

0% complete

– pay off some of my student loan

After more research, it turns out this is a pretty silly idea so I’ll just continue to pay dribs and drabs until they get bored of it all. Instead of this I have been giving money on a monthly basis to folks on Kiva.


– improve cricket averages

At the halfway point of the season, I was on course to  succeed here. My batting average was 20.17 (up on last year’s 17.27) and my bowling average was 11.70 (down on 27.67). Hopefully I can continue to be a bit better in the next few games and I’ll have another success. Being captain and chasing players every week is making things a little less fun, mind.

On target

– give blood four times

So far I’ve given blood twice and I’ll be allowed at the end of the month. If I time it right I should be able to do it for a fourth time in mid-October, which could be very handy.

On target

– lose weight

I bought fancy scales that tell me all sorts of things when I stand on them and I wrote some things down at the start of the year but I have to find that piece of paper again.

Hopefully on target

– go to two new football grounds

Done! I went to Almondvale and Station Road and saw Elgin lose 1-0 to both Livingston and Forfar. Watching Elgin lose is nothing new but it’s nice to do it in new surroundings.


– go to six gigs

I’ve been to two so far – I’m not including going to see friends at the moment, not unless they release an album – so I’ve only been to see The Delays and Hot Chip. I have tickets to see The Divine  Comedy soon so I just need to find three others soonish.

33% completed

– watch eight different sports

I’ve seen six so far: football, cricket, rugby, roller derby, ice hockey and the London boat race. Two more to go, should be easy.

75% completed

So at the moment I’m on course to complete 5/11, I need to pick up my game in another two and then actually do something about three more. In six months that should all be doable, I just have to watch out for other distractions.

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