Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…more than a beard

Some people seem to think of me as a beard and nothing else, but I have so much more to offer.

Looking through the stats that WordPress provides is great fun for a geek like me. It’s also quite amazing to see just how I get my traffic.

For instance, looking at the top search terms for my site of all time, shows this:

beard styles
chin curtain
moustache styles
ducktail beard
hollywoodian beard

And so on. In fact, of the top 50 searches to my blog ever made, every single one is beard or moustache related (apart from the one typo that keeps coming up asking how to grow a rap industry standard bear, which I would love to find out). I did also once see one asking who had invented a beard type, which I really liked.

The dashboard also shows you stats from recent time periods – last week, month, three months and so on – the only time any non-facial hair query gets onto a list is thanks to the person who types the URL of this site into a search bar.

I was quite excited the other day, then, when I saw that someone had come to my site after searching for travelling alone. I can only imagine the disappointment on their face when they read that.

This beardmania is totally backed up in page views as well, with my beard page getting six times as many hits as my homepage and 64 times as many as my most popular article.

I’ve also noticed that since I’ve moved to Australia I’ve been receiving roughly twice as many hits a day than before. You might think this is because people are wondering what I’m up to. If it is, they’re all wondering what my beard is up to because that’s the only page they’re going to. I wish they’d be more interested in just that.

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