Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…done with Perth, for now

A busy time for my blog. The completion of a year, the start of another (funny that) and the end of my time in Perth. I don’t think I’ll be going back to Perth. Not that it was terrible, I just think I’ve done most of what it has to offer and I’ve seen better places. Like Melbourne, where I am now.

Perth waterfront
My main memory of Perth will be my quokking great Christmas spent in heats of around 38 degrees, and without my family for the first time.

I also saw my first wild kangaroos of the tour, Wallace got a bit of unwanted attention from one in a wildlife park and I saw a man take his pet bird out for dinner.

That's my hand!

It was also a time of achievement. With 2010 coming to an end, I knew I had a few things I had to get completed. I went to watch a couple of sports (as well as the planned cricket, I saw some baseball and basketball, then some more cricket and then I watched some tennis to get this year off to a promising start). As well as that I ran a race on New Year’s Eve to finish off that task, I went to my first stadium gig and joined in with around 55,000 people who still haven’t found what they’re looking for, and I took lessons in diving and didgeridoo playing, which I really enjoyed.

Didgeridooing it up

I also, with the help of a ‘friend’, discovered some cool ‘pay what you feel like’ restaurants. An Indian style on at Annalakshmi which was quite nice and then the One World Cuisine which was brilliant. In Annalakshmi I spotted a guy from my first hostel who had done a tarot reading for me (I expect that to be as fruitful as wishing on a solitary sneeze, breaking a ginger nut in three with my elbow and throwing a coin in a pond turned out to be) and who took me out for my first dumpster diving experience. I didn’t speak to him because it looked like he was on a date.

I bumped into quite a few people I knew/I knew the second cousin of. I also kept bumping into a cute Greenpeace girl (who I hope is one of the travelling ones so I can see her here) [I wonder now that I’m back in Melbourne if I’ll see my UNHRC man again] and I twice saw a guy who had been in my dorm in Adelaide.

I finished Dracula (pretty good) and Shantaram (amazing). I like Shantaram the most because I’d never heard of it until Rob recommended it to me in Melbourne and then I found it under my bed in Fremantle. If not for the recommendation I probably would’ve just left it there. I’m also quite proud that I finished such a big book so quickly, and would kind of like someone to give me a gold star.

Now I’m in Melbourne again for a few days until I join Tom and his girlfriend on a lovely road trip to Adelaide. See you there.

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14 Responses

  1. Jemma says:

    “took me out for my first dumpster diving experience”

    I stopped reading here.

    • Oliver says:

      Why? You missed the best bit. Free bread, cake and other goodies are not to be sniffed at, you snobby Tory.

      • Jemma says:

        That’s disgusting. As someone who worked in a supermarket for 4 years, I would never go near one of those bins. From my experience in Tesco, it took quite a lot before we’d even reduce something by 20% nevermind binning it.

        • Oliver says:

          When I worked in a cinema we threw things out willy nilly, it was stupid. The stuff we picked up was all baked the day before, was all sealed and was all good to eat.

          Also, you’re such a snob.

      • Jemma says:

        Oliver that’s fucking disgusting. You could have got bitten by a tarantula. You don’t know why it’s in the bin; maybe they’d accidentally dropped some rat poison into the flour, or maybe someone had sneezed all over it before they wrapped it up. YUCK.

        I doubt in the cinema you were chucking out bags of sealed Minstrels just for the sheer banter of it, you were probably throwing out that skank ass popcorn which isn’t even food anyway.

        If refusing to eat out of a bin like a racoon makes me a snob, then yes I am a snob. Also I don’t know why this would surprise you since I’d have a hissy fit whenever someone suggested going for lunch at Cameo (boke)

  2. Dave w says:

    The only time I’ve done it was at Uni, when we got wind that SPAR would be throwing out the millions of cut-price trifles it had pointlessly purchased at 11pm. I ate loads.

    I never ate trifle again. (Parable?)

    • Jemma says:

      Dave that’s slightly more acceptable as I’m guessing you had an inside man who knew there was nothing wrong with the trifles and you got to them at 11pm before the rats had a chance to piss on them. Also in Scotland the worst things you can find living in a bin are jakeys, cockroaches, and rodents. In Australia there could have been tarantulas, poisonous snakes, tasmanian devils, ANYTHING.

      Oliver’s a gimp.

  3. James says:

    Actually, in Perth we have no tarantulas, and even if we did, they are not poisonous.
    I work in a supermarket, and let me tell you, the bakery throws everything out daily, no matter what. the bread gets baked fresh, and it gets thrown out at night/the next morning. so bread and stuff, if sealed is perfectly fine. Meat and fish get taken away, and fruit and veg gets thrown out in mid afternoon usually.
    Also, i hope your joking about snakes in a bin, in the bush/parks maybe, but you wont find one in a bin, thats just weird.
    Anyway, i agree on Perth, it’s not great especially compared with other places, but its a very laid back/relaxed place, where people are scared of change… lol.

    • Oliver says:

      Thanks for your comment, James. Much more informed than what I normally get from your namesake on here. I think the only part of Jemma’s ramblings that you didn’t correct is that I, of course, am not a gimp.

      Also, Jemma, if you think that it’s possible that there was rat poison in the mix or someone sneezed on the rolls but still proceeded to bake and wrap the bread, the only reason they got thrown out is because someone noticed in time. If that person was on a break, you’re saying that it’s feasible to find rat poison in any supermarket bread on the shelf. Best to avoid that as well, I guess.

      • Jemma says:

        Oh there’s no tarantulas or snakes, and the bread’s wrapped up. Well there’s a weight off my mind, I suppose I’ll just dive into wheelie bin next time I fancy a snack rather than purchasing it for 30p or whatevs.

        Or wait, no. I’m not a hobo so I won’t.

  4. James says:

    lol, 30p is quite cheap, you can wait here (when they reduce it) and buy it for a $1 which is still more than 30p. but if your tight on money, there really is nothing wrong with scrounging around for some sealed bread. I wouldn’t knock anything like that until your in a situation which calls for it.

    I’m not saying you should go out and eat out of bins, all i’m saying is that at times it is perfectly acceptable to do so. it’s not like you go and eat the bread/whatever with mould on it or something, and the acid in your stomach can kill most (if not all) bacteria. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Do you think in the times before fridges and such, people didn’t eat anything over a day old? hell the staple diet of the middle ages was stale bread for most people, not to mention mead as opposed to water as the alcohol in it killed bacteria.

    I personally wonder how we can throw out so much good food, even in my department i have to throw everything out before its use by date (3 days prior), its perfectly fine, yet i have to bin it, why? i see no problem with someone coming and taking it off my hands, at least it’s being used and not going to rot somewhere.

    @ Oliver. No problem, i was actually looking at your beard styles (kudos on them by the way) and noticed you had come to perth, so had to see what you wrote about it. lol. i still maintain that there isn’t a great deal to do here, you really need to go ‘walkabouts’ like south is the karri forests which are very nice, there’s also caves and stuff there to visit. Further north you have, well, rocks and red sand, but its still pretty fun.

    • Karen says:

      I remember certain individuals pouring drinks, ripping packets of unopened sweets and filling up bags of pick and mix and putting them on the waste table at the cinema – it tended to be on a Sunday to cure those pounding hangovers! No names mentioned of course. And, I, of course, was a mere witness to these atrocities!!

    • Oliver says:

      I like you slightly more with each comment you leave.

      My experience of Perth can basically be summed up as ‘not much to the city, looks nice just outside, though’. I hope that’s what I said in my post, it’s probably not interesting enough to read again. I think one day I’ll go back once I’ve learned to drive, but I assume I have to go back home to do that. I’d love to go up the coast and see Broome, Ningaloo and all the other bits up that way – I can’t remember the name of them, but there’s a place with some basically prehistoric life. Promatocites, or something…?

      Although I didn’t fall in love with Perth, I have to say that my trip to Rotto is one of the best days I’ve had in Australia. That’s a great little island. I adored the quokkas.

      I’ve always wondered why there supermarkets throw out so much. Is there no way they can arrange some sort of deal to pass on that food to a homeless shelter or something similar? That way it goes to someone who needs it, to a place that’s clearly trying to help and it also frees up a bit of the shelter’s money so they can spend it somewhere else to help those in need. You should look into that. And into growing a beard, if you haven’t already. Do you have a site/blog/anything similar?

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