Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…trapped and awaiting his inevitable death

When I heard yesterday that my silence retreat had been cancelled, I didn’t realise quite how serious the flooding was around here.

After I heard I couldn’t go to the monastery, I went to the tourism centre to see where I could go. Nowhere, apparently. All the roads are underwater and nothing’s leaving. I phoned a monkey school nearby because at just 10km away, I thought I might be able to get there. The girl on the phone said this wouldn’t be possible. So I’m stuck in Surat Thani, the Aberdeen of Thailand.

Things the two places have in common:

– I’ve been to both
– There’s  absolutely nothing to do in either
– Just outside both is a cool animal attraction
– Someone will probably spout up about the ‘amazing’ shopping centre where you can buy the same clothes or visit the same brand name restaurants as you can anywhere in the world

Here are some quotes from the BBC:

“Unusual weather in what should be a hot season has seen rainstorms drenching the towns in most of 14 southern provinces.”

“Air travel, road and rail links have been flooded and electricity cut to many areas.”

“Flooding across the south of Thailand has killed at least 11 people [another site says three of these were in Surat Thani] and stranded thousands of tourists [like me!].”

“Floods late last year in the south of Thailand left more than 200 people dead.”

So, the area I’m in is experiencing flooding at an unusual time of year, I’m trapped (if I can’t get out, supplies can’t get in), people are dying and last year when this area flooded another 189 people died. According to weather forecasts, there’s no end in sight to the constant rain.

After talking about the pendulum effect surrounding my curse, it seems like the swing has stopped and the waters are closing in around me. So what to do until I’m finally submerged?

With all this time to kill, I can at least get to know my perfect girlfriend. Because that’s exactly what the internet was missing. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave w says:

    I heard some people murmuring about this today, but I chose to ignore them and book my bus to Krabi for Friday just as I was planning to. Nothing bad ever happens to me, so hopefully the Fates will face a conflict of interest?

    • Oliver says:

      And again nothing bad happened to you, sorry. 😦

      I haven’t been to Malaysia (although one flight to Australia that I was considering stops off in Kuala Lumpur…) so I’m happy to blame anything that happens there on you.

      Maybe your failed attempt at the blessing thing has some sort of consequence. You did it so wrong it actually worked as a curse? It could work…

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