Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…done with Darwin

Yep, no more evolution for me. It’s all creative design from now on.
That’s not strictly true. It’s more likely that I mean I’ve left the capital of the Northern Territory. It was at least named after Charles. You don’t see a city in Australia named God, do you? (For the record, I don’t.)

I haven’t updated this blog in a while because either I’ve been in non-internet places or I’ve just been lazy. Mainly the latter. Fans of chronology might get a bit upset with the order of my next few posts. People who think that last sentence means I’m going to comprehensively cover what I’ve been doing since Thailand may be even more upset.

Darwin’s one of the lesser known cities in Australia, despite being the most modern. As the crow flies, it’s 803 miles from Alice Springs, 1628 from Adelaide and 1959 from Sydney.

The city was completely rebuilt after Cyclone Tracy destroyed it on Chrismas Day 1974. This came a few decades after Darwin was last destroyed because of a Japanese bombing raid in World War 2. Seems like it’s probably about time for reconstruction again.


There’s not very much to Darwin, but the surrounding area is incredible. Because of its relative proximity to Asia, lots of the area has the look of an Asian country rather than an Australian territory. It also has crocodiles all over the place (mainly by the rivers to be fair) and there was one point where my tour bus frightened a croc off the road. Another one to tick off the list etc.


The two main nature reserves to visit are Litchfield and Kakadu. If I had my time again, I’d do them in that order and not the other way round like eejit boy here. Litchfield had jumping crocs, lots of termites and nice waterfalls. Kakadu had sleeping crocs, lots of (cathedral) termites, Ubirr, a petrol station with a taxidermied buffalo from Crocodile Dundee, bush fires and the most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen (which photos just don’t do justice etc). Black Lace fans will also be delighted to realise that Kakadu makes a suitable alternative title if they want to push pineapple, shake a tree.


And that was pretty much it, really. Darwin was a bit empty (not as empty as some – answer coming next week!) and I have zero photos of the actual city and is a bit like Surat Thani in that no one goes there unless they want to go somewhere else. It was hot at least, it was cool to still be in the same country and effectively change season. Darwin only gets two seasons, mind, wet and dry. They’ve just entered dry and it’s likely they won’t get any rain for six months. None at all.

I also found out what a billabong actually is.

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3 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    I’m in a Surat Thani/Darwin situation right now. Except people don’t even come here on their way to somewhere else, they just don’t come here at all.

    Also, I like how you’ve automatically decided Darwin and God are enemies/rivals. You’ve been reading too many placards.

  2. deegtrantb88 says:

    We had two big days of driving with notall that much in between to hit Kakadu bout 1400kmnorth it was fantastic there. Kakadu iswell known for its Aborignal rock art and so wechecked that out aswell in a few places. But yeah we saw a few bigcrocs lots of birds and even a buffelo so that wascool.

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