Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…carrying stuff

Inspired by another post that I may actually write at some point, I thought I’d completely copy Dave and list everything I own in life.

That’s how blogging works, right? Someone does something, a friend copies and then the whole world does the same thing before about 20 people argue over who was actually the first and how Dave isn’t responsible for the fad at all.

Since compiling this list I’ve also added a bus pass, a ferry pass and some food to my possessions.

Laptop bag

Main compartment

Acer Aspire 5732Z (alright, smart-arse, so I’m using it at the moment)
Laptop charger + plug adaptor
Three other adaptors for some reason
Kodak EasyShare Z915
Camera cable
iPod cable
Small size (A5?) notepad
Stupid card reader that prevents me using internet banking at any computer I wish to
Padlock + key
Blank CDs + CDs that used to be blank but now have music on them to make our road trip more fun

Other compartment
A4 notepad
Document folder that probably has details of flights I’ve already been on and other ‘important’ pieces of paper
Tiny Ganesha
Playing cards

Main bag (plus whatever I’m wearing) (anyone heard of flash?)

T-shirts x10
Shorts x3
Boxers x7
Socks x10(pairs)
Jeans x2
Other trousers that I’ve only worn once but I bought specifically for when I was away x1
Jacket x1
Hoodie x1
Shirt x4 (but I only just bought these for work)
Trainers x2(pairs)
Sunglasses x1
Towel x1
Sheet x1
Belt x2
Swimming goggles
Books x6 (I did a quick swipe from the last hostel to keep me going for a while — my swap was my tea bags and sweets that someone nicked)
Bungee cord
Tennis ball

Smaller bag

Phone (It was cheaper to buy a new one than just a replacement charger)
Phone charger
Armband for holding my iPod while I’m running
Nike+ sensor
Pen x2
AA batteries x6

Beard trimmer + charger
Toothbrush x3(?)
Nail clippers
Sun block x2
After sun x3(??)
Razor x5(???)
Shower gel
Body lotion which I mistakenly bought because I thought it was shower gel
Plasters xafew

In my pockets I have keys, a phone, a wallet and some coins that I’m not going to count.

Bank cards x4
South Yarra library card
National Insurance card
Condoms x2 (someone has unrealistic expectations!)
Driving licence
YHA membership card
An IOU for some Thai food
An IOU for a prize
Newspaper clippings that say: “Dough”, “Contents” and “Shelving”
A note to remind me of the old times
A hair bobble to remind me of the old times

I thought I was going to have way more stuff than Dave, but apparently I’m not too bad. Whenever I moved flat I always had at least a bin bag of stuff I threw out and some things that I always carried around ‘just in case’, something I still clearly fall foul of. When I was packing up before leaving Edinburgh I was amazed at the amount of stuff I happily gave away/threw out/sold and really started to question why I was putting so much stuff in my parents’ attic — if I could do without something for a year, couldn’t I just so without it?

Now that I have loads of storage space and a regular income, I have to make sure I don’t fall into that trap again as I look to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Payday does not equal Amazonday.

I also have a green bag that sometimes I put things in.

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4 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    HA HA! Totally amazing. I love the dodgily pasted head on top of a dodgily pasted head on top of some unknown panto guy. I hope more people take you up on this and keep adding layers.

    I admire the minimalism. Main differences (that stood out):

    – You have a towel. In my (mostly just Asia, so maybe cheaper to rent than in Australia) experience, I don’t get what Douglas Adams is going on about with the vitality of these – just seems like carrying a bulky, damp thing around.

    – You have a Wallace. What does this do? (Only joking; it (um, he) is acceptable).

    – You have sun tan lotion. Even though I’m practically on the equator, I’ve never used this (in my life, that I know of). Put your money on whether the Asian traffic, dodgy food or skin cancer kills me off first.

    • Oliver says:

      I think most hostels (if they even bother to offer towels) would charge a dollar or two per night for the privilege. That’s almost a night’s accommodation in Thailand! A lot of people I’ve spoken to have special travel towels that dry more quickly and don’t take up much room, apparently offering a similar level of drying experience. Probably a decent investment when you head over this way.

      Do you burn much? I don’t think I used it much when I was in Asia but I had to use some sort of sun cream in Australia over summer otherwise I’d go red very quickly. Actually I went very red one day in Thailand, maybe I should’ve used it more.

      I also don’t have glasses, a glasses case or spare glasses. Or a camera case. You love cases.

  2. Dave says:

    I looked through my plastic wallet of ‘probably-important’ documents recently – they’re probably not. It’s just work references from bosses (I probably won’t need them), a guarantee for my camera (which I bought on Khaosan Road – so *that’s* legitimate!) and my birth certificate (not even useful as ID, because it doesn’t have a photo – not that a photo of 2-month-old Dave would be much use with bouncers).

    I used to keep things like ticket stubs for attractions, but then remembered I’m a cyborg and that sentimentality is irrelevant.

    For books, I seem to have unconsciously decided to allow myself around 2,000 pages worth of paperback room/weight – currently that’s a 1000-pager and a couple of shorter ones.

  3. Jemma Porter says:

    You have all that stuff in your smaller bag? Did you get your education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Is that why you were in the North of Scotland?

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