Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…done with Fiji, for now

I’ve been a bit lax with things here recently. I haven’t told you that I’m done with walking, for example. Or with spinning round and round. I haven’t told you that I’m done with Port Stephens and its whales or Townsville, for now. I certainly didn’t tell you that I’m in no way done with Rebecca Black or TED. I’m a bit worried that if I don’t start telling you about some things, it might harm my chance of getting a flight to Japan so a few updates now and then and then are probably necessary before I don’t get anything beneficial out of them anyway.

I’m now 2/332 of the way through going to all of Fiji’s islands, having visited Viti Levu (the mainland) and Malololailai (Plantation Island). If you want a relaxing holiday, Fiji’s not far off perfect. Get rid of the mosquitoes and the children and I can’t think of much else I’d change.

We started off on the Coral Coast, staying in one of four private villas. Each had a couple in their 20s, no one brought any kids. We were looked after by three lovely locals and a European owner/chef who catered to our every whim. We had a pool a few steps from bure and that was about 10 metres from the beach and its coral-filled sea, which was amazing for snorkelling. We did things like go on a horse ride and trek to thermal springs, which aren’t the most relaxing things in 30+ Celsius heat.

Then we went to Plantation Island, which may be the world HQ of annoying kids. Probably something to check before booking a hotel again. Especially when there’s an adults only resort (nothing dirty) 500m up the beach. We got away from the dinner time conga line as often as possible, especially when there was a boat going out to look at dolphins.

I got one of those underwater disposable camera things so maybe if I ever get round to developing those (what am I – someone living in the 1990s?) I might post them online somewhere.

There didn’t seem to be very much to do in Fiji, but it was ace for a relaxing holiday. I might go back one day for that, but like my flatmate just asked me, is it much different relaxing there to somewhere here? First spambot to post an answer almost answering that question gets their comment published with link.


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  1. Dave says:

    Of course the place matters. At least that’s what I tell myself when I travel hundreds of miles to see one thing and then spend the next five days working in my hotel room, which could technically be anywhere.

    My internet connection is slow, and I got excited about that whale photo until about half the dorsal fin was visible. Thanks for the brief excitement anyway. And the more exciting beard pic.

    • Oliver says:

      Wait a minute, you’re not a spambot. How did this happen?

      I also forgot to mention my favourite thing about Fiji. What other country (or even what other word) has three quarters of its letters sporting a tittle?

      • Dave says:

        I think you’ll attract more hits for mentioning Fiji and tittles in the same paragraph.

        There are apparently a few Chinese places called ‘ji’ (100%), but they don’t really count because a) The j would be a capital, b) the i is usually accented to ì or í when Englishized (i.e. made correct), and c) the words are Chinese (冀/吉 – no tittles in sight).

        Researching that was clearly a worthwhile use of my break from work.

  2. Jemma says:

    You need to be done with more things because I like your blog.

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