Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…stealing ideas

My favourite English language travel blog focussing on Asia at the moment recently had a series on websites stealing his photos. Dave managed to get three articles out of it (and more to come?) with too many examples to bother counting and even managed to include my face somehow. Then I thought I could do the same thing with just photos of my face, because everyone wants to steal that, surely?

In a once before done thing I’m going to steal his idea, safe in the knowledge that there’s no Google App that can catch me.

At first I thought this was going to be a one-off blog with a couple of examples, but then I actually had a look. Starting with my first beard photo, Google actually went to a second page of results.

So just who has been stealing my La Souvarov beard photo?

Like with many of Dave’s photos, mine didn’t even come top. I uploaded my La Souvarov in 2010 sometime and the top post is handily dated as 30 July 2012.

This example comes from Concert Boom to help advertise their Really Big Beard Tour Dates for 2012, 2013. The tour claims to be going through US, Europe, Canada and Australia, but only has information about one gig in Seattle last July.

The next time it’s featured is on the Single Track World forum on a thread about a user having shaver’s regret. This user, “alpin”, comes back into the thread a bit later and says “i think someone who is prepared to ponce about 2-3 times a week in front of a mirror with their facial hair is odd” and then posts my photo. Not sure what the link is there.

It’s next used again in a forum, with people on IGN declaring their hate for a Nintendo DS album. Forum posts aren’t really stealing but I just think it’s strange that my face is used by people in this context.

The next use comes from some online gaming forum which inexplicably turned into a “COOL BEARDS THREAD” in post 130 of 132. The last three posts were just of photos of beards, me and two guys with incredible facial hair.

For some reason, pic2fly then includes me in a few galleries, but it wasn’t me who submitted them. And they only show up in the previews and not on the actual site.

Then Dobbies Garden Centre has two posts: “Beard styles for bald men” and “French Beard Styles”, both of which are my entire growing a beard page copied and pasted — word for word, beard for beard.

So far, nothing incredible, but I have hope. Join me in about a month when I bother to do the next one.

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4 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    This made me laugh right down to Dobbies Garden Centre, when I just got annoyed. I won’t be buying my garden landscaping supplies from those thieving bastards again.

    Excited and scared that this is just the first one, especially considering how copy and pastable some of your weird beards are. I don’t even remember this beard.

    I was tempted to set up a blog entirely dedicated to stealing your beard photos with captions like “GET A LOAD OF THIS PRICK!” for you to uncover some time, but I think I’ve murdered enough time this week already. I’ll leave it in the internet’s capable hands.

  2. How’d you get to track your photos if they’re being used online by others? Tips please! 😀

    • Oliver says:

      You can search Google by images now and it’ll return similar looking pictures elsewhere online (tineye does the same). I used that Chrome extension that Dave mentioned here to make it easier.

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