Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…done with 21 April 2013

I’ve spoken before about the beauty of time zones and how often they amaze and baffle me; now I’ve experienced perhaps the best they have to offer.

In the early hours of my 21 April 2013, there were people in the world who were still enjoying the remnants of 19 April. I’m used to being a decent chunk ahead of most people having lived in Australia for so long, but now that I was more than a full day ahead of some people I felt like I should visit them in a tinfoil suit and warn them of dangers ahead. However, as I drifted to sleep at the end of 21 April 2013 I was a full day behind some people, who were beginning to enjoy 23 April.

Whether you’re frantically re-reading that paragraph, you’re scratching your head furiously or your making strange grunting noises, I’m sure you’re at least on your way to being mightily impressed. In the space of a day, I’ve gone from being a forerunner in time exploration to being a lazy follower.

As hinted at in a recent post, the trick I employed to make this possible was simply to time travel and repeat the whole day. Saturday was followed by Sunday which itself turned into another Sunday. For the only time on the cruise, the mats in the lifts with the day of the week printed on them (actually incredibly useful) did not change.


On 21 April 2013 I, I docked in Apia, Samoa, and had one of the best days of the cruise/my travels. To get the most value out of my photos, here’s another one of the beautiful To Sua Trench.

To Sua Trench, Samoa

So captivated was I by this day, I wanted to do it all over. Rather than repeat myself completely, because that wouldn’t be any fun (would it, Bill Murray?), I decided to visit Pago Pago on nearby American Samoa instead. It wasn’t nearly so good although it was very pretty. If I had a 21 April 2013 III, I’d be tempted to head back to Samoa. I couldn’t have been Apia there.

What did you do on 21 April 2013?

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  1. Dave says:

    Looking through my photos, passport and work emails, that was my last day in Penang, Malaysia before going to Thailand. I wrote articles about commercial fencing and mining stuff, probably put finishing touches to the blog published on 29 May and doubtless ate some great food.

    On 22 April I took an eight-hour bus to Krabi, which I think is also covered by your extended 21 April. The more I think about it, the more I get confused, so let’s go with that. The morning of 23 April I got a haircut and ate some chicken that was too spicy, but surely you’d ticked over to the 22nd by then?

    If anything bad happens I’ll jump on a plane to two days ago and come back to warn you, so we can stop it like in Terminator II.

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