Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…done with San Francisco

Starting to explore America by the west coast, hilly San Francisco was my first major stop.
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…a yeard failure

A while ago I was all ‘I’m so cool, I’ve been growing a beard for six months‘ and now I’m all like ‘Yeah, I got rid of my beard’. What gives?
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…done with border guards for a while

Border crossings aren’t always fun, but there’s certainly not always painful or stressful. The old thingy ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression’ is something America might want to take into account.

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…done with Canada, for now

Having a backlog of blogs to post seemed like a great idea when I didn’t write them all at the time, but then not writing them at all until about two months later doesn’t seem like the perfect alternative. Although I know I loved Canada, things aren’t as fresh in my mind as they should be so if I’m not totally convincing that’s why.

vancouver skyline

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