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Three years to the day that I left my job in Scotland I arrived back on British soil. This wasn’t planned in anyway, I certainly don’t take my blog that seriously and if I did I’d probably have picked a better date (like when I actually left the UK, for instance). Instead the combination of once-a-year cruises and the length of time allowed in the US saw to it.

Using my memory and distance.to, I reckon in that time I’ve travelled more than 111,000 miles. I’ve only included journeys on planes (92,000), ships (12,000), buses (6000) and trains (2000), to places that I stayed at least overnight. These don’t including driving from Adelaide to Alice (950 miles) and several trips to Newcastle and back (100 mi each way) as well as other trips in NSW. My memory is clearly shaky as I forgot all about my trip to Mumbai until I was just about to publish this.

In that time I set foot in four continents and 20 different countries, 15 of those I even left the airport in, and generally had a jolly old time.

This isn’t the end of things by any means. For starters, I have half my America trip still to write up, and after a few months in the UK I expect to be in another continent again. Before then I also have plans to visit a bit of mainland Europe.

So what’s the point of this? I’m not sure, but when I realised the date I was landing I thought it was quite good. Then I bothered to do all that research into travel lengths and thought it was worth the effort to write a small summary.

Some ‘highlights’:

Longest flight (destination – destination): Sydney – London (or London – Sydney), 10,589.79 miles, December 2011/January 2012.

Longest flight (destination – stop): London – Shanghai, 5721.24 miles, October 2010.

Shortest flight: Chennai – Bangalore (or back), 179.05 miles, March 2011.

Longest bus ride: Alice Springs – Darwin, 931 miles, May 2011.

Longest train ride: Chicago – New York, 788 miles, July 2013.

Longest time at sea: Honolulu – Vancouver, 2,711.39 miles, May 2013.

Full stats available upon request.

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3 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    Congratulations! You’ve beaten me on nearly everything, except that I’ve been outside the airport in 20 countries (only saw a bit of the airport in Qatar). But in the past year, only three of those have been new countries. I burnt out!

    Trying to add up all my plane, train and automobile journeys would be a challenging waste of time that I’d love to take up some weekend, but luckily I’ve done the planes already and that only comes to about 60,000 miles, so I doubt I could make up another 50,000 by land and sea (I’ve hardly been on sea).

    My longest combined flight journey ever (Egypt to Taiwan) was only 5,719 miles, shorter even than your longest non-stop flight. You even beat me on embarrassingly short domestic flights, and I’ve taken a few of those.

    • Oliver says:

      I racked up loads of airmiles going back to the UK for Christmas one year, and also leaving Australia to go anywhere helped greatly. I think you’ll probably thrash me in buses, but after that I don’t know. Taking two big cruises definitely helps with the ship thing, maybe something to consider for the future.

      As for new countries, you just need to leave SE Asia. I hear there are lots in Central America.

      • Dave says:

        If I’m determined to avoid visa hassle, my girlfriend can SUPPOSEDLY travel without a visa to six countries in South America that I would like to go to, and lots of those island countries that happen to be floating around in parts of the world categorised as Africa, North America and Oceania.

        So unless we’re prepared to go through the visa nightmare again (we failed for South Korea and it was discouraging), the only places I might go in the next good while are listed here:


        Maybe meet up for a colonial tropical paradise retreat some time? (Ignoring those pesky revolutionary battles in the hills).

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