Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…a kid

If there’s one thing LA/California is known for doing well it’s its theme parks. People generally say that Disney is for actual kids and anyone older won’t get much out of it but luckily for me a potential-auntie-in-law bought me a very expensive ticket for Universal Studios.

This amusement is split into two main areas — rides and a tour of places they use for making films. I was half expecting the rides to be a bit kiddy, and maybe they were, but I loved them. I started off on the 4D Shrek experience which had Donkey sneezing in my face and spiders tickling my ankles, a haunted house with real people to scare me and a cool Simpsons ride.

They also had a big minion, which I love for some reason, and the leftover props from Waterworld because it was too expensive to simple sell for scrap.


In the morning the queues weren’t too bad but by midday they were horrible, luckily my p-a-i-l had bought us queue-skipping tickets which took away all the p-a-i-n.

The studio tour was one area where this really p-a-i-d off. While we saw people in a queue that snaked and snaked, with boards saying they’d be there for another hour, we just sauntered to the front and got on the next trolley.

The highlight of this tour, aside from the cool 3D King Kong experience, was seeing the town hall from Back to the Future, minus its clock tower so it can be used in other films.


They also showed how they make floods and earthquakes, went past a plane crash and showed things like the motel from Psycho with a backdrop of a set from Dr Seuss or something.


LA even has a train that goes from the centre here, so well done for that. Sadly it wasn’t quite quick enough for me as I tried to sneak in the Jurassic Park ride (too expensive to just throw away, see?) before catching my bus out of California, which I missed by a matter of minutes. MegaBus being punctual? Whatever next.



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  1. Dave says:

    That BTTF set can go on the pilgrimage list, there are actually plenty of sites I can think of that could make a future LA trip bearable.

    I’m glad they still do haunted houses with people and haven’t replaced them all with holograms or apps or something. Those are some of my favourite childhood holiday memories.

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