Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…squirrelling away the best bits

I may have been a bit hard on America in recent posts, but the longer I stayed there the more I felt I was staying in a country without much going for it. Sure, there were nice parts — San Diego was a lovely town and the Grand Canyon lived up to its reckoning — but overall it was a disappointment.

My favourite activity by far in the states was walking through parks and getting excited because I’d seen a squirrel, something that I could do almost anywhere I went.

I didn’t see one for a week or so, but when I visited Yosemite there were a few fat American squirrels hanging around a snack bar.


Not all of them lived on the typical American diet of chips, this one snuck onto a table and pilfered a piece of apple (must’ve been a tourist’s lunch) and ran off with it.


At the Grand Canyon I took my all time favourite squirrel picture. If you want to know what my laptop desktop looks like, it’s this picture with the sidebar on the right of the screen, 12 Notepad documents, two Word files and the recycle bin in the top left corner.


In San Diego I went to La Jolla Beach to see some seals, but got distracted by these two fellas. It was around this time that someone started to think I was stupid for always taking photos of squirrels. Who’s stupid now?



Squirrels in Chicago were a bit more elusive. This one gave me the runaround before hiding up a tree. I gave up and went to eat my pizza.


And despite how terrible New York was for me, Central Park was a welcome relief in many ways.




Of course, as with all things, Canada trumped America. Not only by having different colours, but also gophers which are kind of like squirrels but much more friendly.




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