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… Sopot, sokettle, soblack

A little up the coast from Gdansk and 1614km from Southend-on-Sea, and easily accessible by train, is the town of Sopot. As a Brit, I feel inclined to call it a seaside resort, although I’m not sure such a nice town should share a moniker with the likes of Blackpool.

Useful information

Of course, visiting a lovely seaside town on a rainy October morning is never the best idea, but when have I ever had them?


Despite the dreary conditions, the appeal of the town shone through. The wide open city square, the spacious boardwalk and the beach that, although deserted, looked like it would be inviting in the summer.



Of course, Sopot’s main attraction isn’t the beach or the beautiful architecture, it’s the completely mental architecture.


This building has supposedly put the town on the map, although no one else got off my train here and there were no other idiots outside taking photos of it. For once I wasn’t the biggest idiot, that was whoever planted those tree there.

Get rid of the trees

Inside this wonky building is nothing of note. A run of the mill coffee shop takes pride of place at the front and there are a few other shops inside, but nothing amazing. The interior is just as it is in any normal building.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    I think I wrote about those buildings once, in the guise of a female travel blogger for a hotel client. It’s the sort of quirky thing I think she was supposed to be interested in anyway.

    So far in resort towns and islands of Indonesia, only two out of nine days have been sunny and not required wading through brown puddles or skidding on mud and falling on my arse. Today wasn’t one of the two.

    • Oliver says:

      You’re my favourite female travel blogger! At the moment I’m getting to pretend I’ve been to/know places that I haven’t/don’t, but I don’t get anything exciting like a fake persona.

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