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He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man


Many of you will have read the unofficial version of my time in the Cypriot town of Paphos, but for those who want the watered-down, less interesting official version, read on.

After a month in the chilly towns of Poland, a trip to the Mediterranean seemed like an ideal way to warm up and, for an old fogey like me, finding a cruise around the area was perfect. This ship left Cyprus and as Europe’s low-fare (note: not low price/charge/fee) airline flew from Krakow to the island, it seemed ideal.


One of my old flatmates used to summer in Cyprus, because his army dad was based there for a while, and he’d always had good things to say about his time there. Otherwise I was going based off vague ideas that it was a little sunny paradise.

At the time of year I went, around mid-autumn, Paphos was virtually shutting down, with the summer behind me the shops and bars were giving up for a few months, leaving areas feeling like ghost towns. It was still hot and nice enough to swim, so I’m not sure why it had been forsaken.

Instead Paphos, at least the beachside area, it turns out I wasn’t the old fogey in town. The area gave off the impression of being a UK retirement village, albeit with a slightly sunnier disposition than you may find in old Blighty. This led to the strange comparison of walking past ancient Cypriot (probably Greek) buildings into areas full of expat bars boasting they offered the best English breakfast on the island. Not many┬ádared try offer another type of cuisine, or meal, as bragging rights obviously went only to that.



Apart from a couple of old, cool looking buildings and some ruins, there wasn’t really anything to do but explore the beachside area or stay by the pool. Some things, like the traditional (veggie) meze was amazing, especially the halloumi.

As well as old Brits, there were lots of cats roaming the streets. Interesting fact: many places in the world are clearly dog or cat places. Rarely does there seem to be an even mix. (Ed: That was neither ‘interesting’ or a ‘fact’.)



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  1. Dave says:

    When I asked a local why I was seeing so many cats in Malaysia and hardly any dogs, she told me that Muslims aren’t supposed to have dogs as pets, so they prefer cats (though guard dogs are okay). Not really relevant for mostly-Christian Cyprus. Maybe not even true. But you can file it away as dubious trivia.

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