Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…carrying more (less) stuff

Last time I went on a big trip, I had a big backpack with me. This time round I’ve taken only a carry on case. What’s in it? Anything?

This is me carrying my main bag. It’s brilliant because it doesn’t cost $20 every time I want to fly somewhere. Make that $40 for including my girlfriend’s bag and from the time we left Australia to now (in real life, not this slow blog timeline) and we’ve saved more than $500 over the course of a year, mainly just because we’re not carrying pointless crap. So little pointless crap, in fact, that I can photograph most of it.

waiting for a boat(Right shoulder: my main bag. Left shoulder: small bag. Right hand: partner’s bag. Foreground: someone’s ridiculously oversized bag. What can they possibly have in there? I think that couple had another equally sized bag with them too.)

Main bag

Here are my T-shirts. I have eight and, yes, two of those have Pikachu on them. Last time round I had 10 (no Pikachus).


The bottom half: one pair of jeans (soon to be thrown), a pair of shorts (the biggest waist size I’ve ever had to buy) and two pairs of swimmers. The blue pair I bought from Primark for, I think, £4 around ten years ago. That’s good value. Last time I had an extra pair of jeans and another pair of never-worn trousers.


Here’s some other stuff. A rain jacket, a jumper (bought for Canada and nicknamed ‘super’ — now posted back to Australia) and a quick-drying towel. The pink was on sale, while the blue wasn’t. Last time I also took a sheet (someone told me it would be useful — it wasn’t), a belt, some shirts (but only because I was starting work) and some swimming goggles.


A pair of shoes and a pair of thongs (flip-flops). Last time I had an extra pair of trainers.


I have six pairs of socks to go with those shoes. Lots of bright colours, but I think these came in a pack of seven. I don’t know what’s missing. Green? Before I had 10 pairs, plus seven pairs of boxers which I haven’t bothered counting or documenting this time round. I guess that’s probably about the same.


Apart from clothes there’s also a small notepad, a few pens (not all work), some odd batteries and a backpack that folds up really small. Also a board game (without box) and a couple of packs of cards. Sometimes I’ll have teabags too, because who knows when you can next steal those from a hostel?

There’s also a bright orange bag which is used to carry dirty clothes, and half of those aren’t mine.

I also get to carry the toiletries bag. My stuff: a toothbrush and toothpaste. My partner’s things: many, some of which are unidentifiable. I also carry a beard trimmer, which sadly I need to use on a regular basis now.

Smaller bag

I also have a very effeminate bag that I mainly use when moving from one place to another. It fits the laptop and anything else expensive so I know no one’s stealing that stuff from my big bag when it sits in unseen bus compartments.

It’s mainly electronics: a laptop (slightly bigger than last time round) so I can do work. A camera for taking photos (like these ones) and a smashed iPhone that I need to I can access my online banking service. I also have a different gizmo for a different bank account, an e-reader (which means I don’t have six heavy books like last time) and a (paper) crossword book. There’s no dedicated music player now (phone does that) and no Wallace.

It doesn’t seem like I have a huge amount less than last time, but when it’s all piled up it does make a huge difference. For the benefit of avoiding ridiculous airport fees, plus I don’t have to wait around at baggage carousels or struggle as I walk along the street.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    What happened to Wallace? I know you have a human companion now, but the marsupials can’t run around with her in their mouths.

    • Oliver says:

      A few months after meeting that female I made a trip back to the UK and returned Wallace to his biological father, the other Dave we used to work with. I have no idea how well he’s being looked after.

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