Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…done with Tenerife

Remember the whole blogging in retrospect thing? That turned out to be a bit rubbish, didn’t it? Delaying the writing makes things seem easier at the time, but then when I’m actually meant to update this thing, the memories of wherever I’ve been are distant and I’ve lost any idea about what it really was like to be somewhere other than ‘remember that nice coffee shop?’ or ‘it was a bit okay’. Anyway, without further ado, here’s some vague details of my trip to Tenerife. I should be a salesman.

view from my balcony

With all the British and US holidaymakers safely in the Playas del America section of the island, Tenerife’s main city of Santa Cruz was a good bet for a place to stay. Although as it was getting cold, maybe no one else was there. Tenerife in late Autumn? Ridiculous idea.

My hotel had a good location, overlooking a pedestrianised but not too busy shopping area, with views of the waterfront if I leaned over the balcony a bit.

The city had a nice artistic feel to it. Along the street under my room were a number of artworks on loan — and fenced off (with a security guard inside the fence) while a free concert was on by the water — the waterfront had some huge naked men and some of the architecture was outstanding, although the art museum is one of the most boring buildings I’ve seen.

naked statue in Santa Cruz


For some reason, opera houses always have startling designs. Is it because no one goes to them otherwise?

tenerife opera house

Next to the opera house was another art works of sorts, lots of rocks painted with faces of celebrities. Is this good? Not sure. Is it better than plain rocks? Probably, yes.

painted rocks

I didn’t really do anything of note here, just wandered around the city which had a nice, normal city feel vibe. It’s not a huge metropolis like London, Sydney or Bangkok where it’s easy to feel very lost and out of place but it’s not a teeny, tiny town that’s discoverable in an afternoon and done with.

The one downside, although this would prove true for all of Spain, was the food, with vegetarians practically uncatered for. I had a lot of cheese sandwiches and, as Alison Gold had just released her seminal hit, a few Chinese meals.

Leaving Tenerife I had my first transport problem of the trip, turning up at the airport a day early. Rather than make the trip back to Santa Cruz I stayed the night in nearby San Isidro which, according to a hotel booking site, had two options, one of which had rooms for the night. Turning up at that hotel, I found out it was full. Luckily, the fully booked hotel had loads of rooms, so I stayed there and drank boxed sangria out of a plastic glass like the classy kind of guy I am.

sangria in a box

Also, I got a new camera on the island so maybe you’ll be able to notice a difference in the quality of photos. Maybe.

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