Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…done with Santiago

Santiago de Compostela is a town best known for being the end of a pilgrim’s trail, a trek that starts in France and takes around a month to hike to its end point at the Santiago Cathedral. People started doing El Camino Santiago back in the middle ages and continue to this day, believing the cathedral to be the resting place of St James’ bones, and was the subject of a big enough Hollywood film that I saw it in the cinema.

I took the simple option of just flying to the bloody place.



The cathedral that’s the highlight for these walkers, and many of them sat in front of it looking knackered and not particularly like they’d had some sort of spiritual revelation, was, of course, under construction when I visited. It looked quite nice, but the scaffolding takes away from it. Someone should do something about that.


Santiago cathedral


After walking how ever many miles it is to get to the place, people are then charged to actually enter the cathedral. To see some bloke’s bones? They’re probably not even his.


The rest of the town is filled with tiny, winding alleyways and roads that give it a similar feel to Jaffa in Israel, but with a more medievael than Mediterranean feel. This was the smallest I found.


That's me


Aside from the pilgrimmage end, there wasn’t a whole lot to do here, which wasn’t great for the non-walkers. After a couple of days I was pretty much done with looking at the pretty buildings and my aimless wanderings kept bringing me back to places I’d already seen. What would I have done with more time there? Started walking to France, probably.


Santiago de Compostela


One day I’d quite like to do the actual trail, just not in winter when the mountain passes are apparently deadly, and when I can find a way to not work for a month without it being a problem. Maybe there’d be enough opportunities to get online at each village, but what if there wasn’t? And could I be bothered lugging a laptop all that way? It’s sad that my life is dictated by things like this, but good because of the freedom it generally provides. Life is hard, isn’t it?


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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    My paranormal senses tell me you’re probably on November 2013 now. You’re getting there – keep typing and don’t live any life for a while.

    • Oliver says:

      That sounds about right. I think I’ll be able to wrap Samui up in about one post, so I’ll be able to catch up pretty soon. The Asian leg before that looks pretty daunting, though, but at least Europe’s almost done. Only… four more to go? Maybe an airport piece? At least I don’t have any stupid work getting in the way at the moment.

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