Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…done with Koh Tao





After a couple of days acclimatising to the heat and timezone of Bangkok, I took a ridiculously long taxi journey (for the price of a ridiculously short taxi in Sydney) to Chumporn, ready to take the boat over to Koh Tao the following day. Koh Tao (‘gawh dtao’) is one of the three main islands, along with Koh Phangan and Koh Samui, off the east coast of the mainland.


Each of the three islands has a reputation: Koh Phangan is the party island where anything goes, especially when there’s a full moon; Koh Samui is the developed island with facilities including hospitals, supermarkets and Western fast food chains; while Koh Tao is the small, peaceful island with pristine beaches and great diving/snorkelling opportunities.


My time here was spent at my six-monthly nice hotel, choosing a beachside resort about five times the price of my normal SE Asia budget, but which proved a great way to really enter the area.


For ten days I spent most of my time lazing by the pool or on the beach, occasionally walking to the close town, avoiding the hassle for taxis and massages, to get something to eat. As well as the traditional som tams and curries, I found two new desserts which were amazing: banana and nutella spring rolls and, what I think is called, kha-nom thung tag. Basically small crispy pancakes filled with a sort of soft meringue and topped with salty/sweet coconut shavings. It wasn’t long after this I started a diet.



I did a bit of swimming and snorkelling as well, but more in the pool than the sea (just the swimming) because that’s my preference. The beach is okay, and the seaside bars are nice, but only really when you can get a seat.

There’s not much else to say when you’re as lazy as I am. I didn’t go on hikes, I only went to one beach that was more than a minute from my bungalow and I didn’t see any amazing fish, nevermind turtles. Maybe I’ll be more exciting on Koh Phangan.


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