Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…done with Kuala Lumpur, for now

As Kuala Lumpur is Air Asia’s main base of operations, it’s a city that many frugal/cheap travellers visit regularly. Sometimes they don’t leave the airport, as I didn’t on my first trip to the country, but other times it’s worth spending a bit of time in the nearby (note: more than an hour away) city.

On my first visit outside the airport’s grounds, I stayed in Chow Kit. Good things about Chow Kit:

– it’s on the public transport system, so easy to get to (and from)
– sometimes you go past Titiwangsa, which is one of the best place names I’ve ever seen


The other highlight of KL is obviously the Petronas Towers. Formerly the tallest building in the world, now just a measly ninth (and tenth), the towers are spectacularly beautiful at night.


You can pay a ridiculous price to go up the towers and look out over the city, but when that city’s Kuala Lumpur and you can’t see the only nice thing (because you’re inside it), what’s the point? Here’s a photo to illustrate the point: towers in the background, slums in the foreground.


On the way to the towers I stopped off at a tourist show that’s on every week, apparently. Girls like this danced happily, men like this grumped because of the outfit choice someone else had clearly made

Phwoar etc etc

Phwoar etc etc
That’s really about it for the city. I tried to get to some gardens, but unless I wanted to run across a six lane road, or pay a stupid taxi price, it was impossible to get there. Chinatown seemed like nothing but people desperately selling illegal goods, while Little India at least had some decent curry places. And shops (?) with names like ‘Kiddie Love’. Not sure what they sell, not sure I want to know.


Otherwise it’s just full of shopping centres in a ‘we wish we were Singapore’ kind of way. Do I have to come back? Do I have to go to Singapore next? Oh.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    You might have stayed at the same place I always stayed, since this all looks very familiar. Was there a big, ginger cat?

    • Oliver says:

      I don’t think so. There was another hotel next door to my one which was much more useful to give to taxi drivers because apparently no one knew where mine was. Suspicious.

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