Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…done with Sukhothai

The last in my series of places I went between Chiang Mai and Lopburi is one that I wish I wrote about a year ago. Sukhothai, just a short bus ride from Phitsanulok, which is where the train takes you, is a bit like Thailand’s Angkor Wat… or that might be Ayuthaya, but I didn’t go to check.


I booked a tour guide from my hostel to take me round the old town, which used to be the capital of the country (or an unrelated kingdom, perhaps) but the kingdom dwindled and was taken over by the Ayuthayans who left it to crumble, mainly for the pleasure of tourists a few centuries later.


The tour guide did drive me round the old temples as expected, although his almost complete lack of English did make him seem like an unlikely candidate for tour guide for an English bloke and his Aussie missus. Still, his wife who worked in the kitchen of the hotel seemed happy with his job choice.


What I’m left with is a pile of sloppy photographs of some ancient ruins that look pretty cool, but there’s no real explanation to any of them. Sometimes the guide told me the name of them, which I quickly learned from a sign anyway, but neither had much more information than that. Want to look at them anyway?



That’s some general ruins. You’ll see a Buddha or two in there. They liked them back in the day.




They also used to like elephants for more than just their ability to be mistreated and abused, so there’s a temple devoted to them.


And one live toad.


My tour guide pointed this one out as a particularly important temple. The next was on a lake so it must’ve been special for some reason. Great note taking, Oliver.



Then back in town I enjoyed the finest dining option on offer.

Fine dining in Sukhotthai

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    I liked the place a lot. I did it guide-less on foot so probably learned as much as you, though my photos are all labelled which is probably the result of cross-referencing against websites. Based on my descriptions, you saw:

    – First temple pic and the next two Buddhas: Wat Mahathat (middle one is City Pillar Shrine)

    – White Buddha with pillars: Wat Sa Si

    – Particularly important temple and tree clutter: Wat Si Sawai

    – Don’t know the rest.

    So that’s cleared that up then. Still no closer to having learned anything.

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