Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…being followed by disasters

Natural disasters seem to be following me around at the moment. As you’ll notice, the trend seems to be for them to be a lot closer to me the more I go on.

I left Brisbane on 3 December. Twenty-nine days later the city was flooded, more than 20 died and 19,700 properties were flooded (Source and source)

I left Perth on 4 January. Thirty-one days later bush fires hit, sending 12 to hospital, destroying 59 homes and damaging 28 more. (Source)

I left Melbourne on 17 January for an idiotic reason. Seventeen days later the city was flooded killing two and causing $2billion damage (Source) ‘Idiotic’ can sometimes equal ‘dry’.

I was due to fly into Cairns on 27 January but because of Indian visa problems moved my flight to 3 February. Cyclone Yasi hit the area on 3 February, but thankfully Jetstar had the common sense to cancel their flights. If I’d got my original flight I would’ve been in Cairns at the time, but because of my poor planning I missed the trouble by one day. One died, 150,000 homes were left without power and thousands were made homeless. (Source)

I left Christchurch on 22 February. Three hours later an earthquake hit, killing 172 with around 200 more missing or trapped.  (Source)

Up until this point, things generally seemed to be getting closer and closer to my departure date. Then, like a pendulum or a rope swing, things went too far the other way.

I was planning to go to Myanmar around mid-April. Around three weeks before, an earthquake  hit killing around 150 people. (Source)

On 30 March I was hoping to travel to Suan Mokkh for a 10-day silence retreat. The day before I was due to go, it was cancelled because of flooding in the area.

That flooding has now trapped me in Surat Thani, killed 54 people (11 in Surat Thani) and the rain has no plans to stop any time soon. (Source)

7 Responses

  1. Jemma says:

    It’s like Final Destination!

  2. Dave w says:

    You don’t get the feeling you’re somehow responsible?

  3. Dave w says:

    Did I just feel a small earthquake (in Chiang Mai)?

    My (wooden with solid foundations) building swayed slightly for about 20 seconds, which is definitely more than the wind is capable, but there was no commotion outside. Apart from some jangling wind chimes.

    Hmm… maybe it was the wind after all. I just want to fit in!

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