Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…growing a beard

Cliche has it that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and, if true, Jon Dyer is a man that should feel extremely flattered right now. After seeing his amazing Quest For Every Beard Type, I was inspired to try the very same task.

His chart of facial hair types shows pictures of many of the beard styles below although others have been added from different sources. Still, if you want to know about beards, he’s the expert.

So far I’ve got pictures of 34 of these completed styles in my beard and moustache gallery and I hope to be adding more photos to this list very soon. If I knew how to grow a beard faster I would.

Because of this page starting to grow too long, I’ve moved all my moustaches styles to a new gallery.

Beard styles

A collection of big beards, cool beards, sideburns and anything that doesn’t involve a detached moustache.

La Souvarov

Sideburns that bend down towards the corner of the mouth and the up into the moustache.


The Anchor

A scaled down version of the Hollywoodian – a beard that covers jawline and is styled into a point. The sideburns are removed but it is combined with a pencil moustache.


Chin Curtain

A beard style that outlines the face. Similar to the Rap Industry Special but thicker and without a moustache.

Chin curtain

Chin Puff

A beard type that is essentially an extended soul patch.

chin puff(2011)

Chin Strap

Very similar to the chin curtain, in that the beard goes from hairline to hairline sticking to the jaw, but unlike the curtain, the chin strap it doesn’t wander onto the chin.


A long beard that grows into a point.


El Insecto

Two small growths from the chin that look like an insect’s antenae.

Federation Standard

Minimal sideburns made popular by the original series of Star Trek. Shaved from the top of the ear at a 45 degree angle.

French Fork

A beard that goes past the chin and is distinct because of the two sections that it is styled into.

(2009, improved 2011)


Hair grown underneath the chin, takes its name from its similarity to a goat’s beard. A goatee in itself does not have a moustache.

beards-goatee (2009)

Half and half

Half the beard is shaven, the other half is grown. Not a common look, but a sure fire hit nonetheless.



A full beard with sideburns removed.



Like friendly mutton chops, but this beard style is longer and has a connecting moustache.

The Klingon

One day a man with a beard shaved his moustache off and left in a hurry. I don’t know how else this style could have been invented, but it has proved to be popular on other planets as emphasised by the Klingons on Star Trek.

beards-theklingon (2009)

The Worf

It’s been pointed out to me that Worf, the main Klingon character in Star Trek, often doesn’t have such a full beard, more of a Van Dyke with the moustache removed. Here you are.



A thick, bushy beard as seen on a rugged lumberjack. Or Zach Galifianakis.


Monkey tail

A beard, much like the Asquith, that starts as a sideburn and ends a moustache. Unlike the Asquith, the monkey tail sticks to the jaw line and goes under the lips, before wrapping itself around the top and side of the mouth.

monkey tail(2014)

Mutton chops

Long sideburns that extend to jawline. Imagine a full, bushy beard with goatee and moustache sections shaved off.

mutton chops(2010)

Old Dutch

A full, thick beard that is shaved above the upper lip. Seen mainly on the Amish.

Petit goatee

A mini-goatee, probably closer to an actual goat’s beard in that it is only on the central part of the chin. Although goats have quite thin chins.


Rainbow beard

A standard design for a beard, but the beauty comes from the multi-coloured look.

rainbow beard(2013)

Rap Industry Standard

A very thin line of hair, almost an outline of where a beard should be. One slip of a beard trimmer can undo a lot of good work on this one.


Short boxed beard

The standard style that most men growing a beard aim for.


Soul patch

A small tuft of hair immediately below the lower lip.

beards-soulpatch (2009)


In 2009 TV show Community launched. It didn’t offer much, but it did create one character — Starburns (played by Dino Stamatopoulos)– with incredible facial hair.



Named after X-Men character Wolverine, this deluxe mutton chops has seen a revival in fashion due to Hugh Jackman’s film portrayal.



Beard and moustache styles

This is the beard and moustache club – the borders are a bit fuzzy on this category but basically it’s anything that isn’t quite a moustache, but is dependent on a hairy upper lip.


A wide goatee with an unconnected moustache.


Franz Josef

Long sideburns that come down the face and rear up sharply towards the moustache.

Friendly mutton chops

Sideburns and a moustache that are all joined up. Almost a beard with a bald chin.


Handlebar and chin puff

A handlebar moustache with a strip of hair down the middle of the chin.

Handlebar and goatee

A handlebar moustache and an unconnected goatee.


Napoleon III Imperial

This is the same beard style as the handlebar moustache and chin puff, except the chin puff is a lot longer in this instance.


Named after Captain Jack Sparrow, the Sparrow combines a moustache with an unconnected goatee that is separated into two braided strands.

Van Dyke

What is often wrongly referred to just as a goatee, this is a goatee with moustache all in one.


The Winnfield

Think Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction – when he took beard shapes to a new level. The Winnfield – named after his character Jules Winnfield – combines long sideburns and an unconnected Fu Manchu (see below) moustache.


The Zappa

Frank Zappa’s beard type of choice – a soul patch combined with a moustache that just goes past the corners of the lips.


Check out the moustache gallery too.

25 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    I have a full beard now and love the look of the “Ducktail” how did you get that look

    • Oliver says:

      So long as your goatee area comes down from your face a bit you should. I’m quite lucky that my beard is quite thick so when I combed it into a point it was happy to stay there. Let me know how you get on, I’d love to see a picture.

  2. Rodrigo L. says:

    Thanks for the good ideas and inspiration.

  3. zia says:

    nothing suits u except pencil bro. sorry to say this.

  4. Dave w says:

    If you die before you collect them all, your life was in vain. If you succeed, you lived the most worthwhile live in human history.

  5. demetri` says:

    You are great for steping out and helping

  6. James says:

    I think the pencil is my favourite.

  7. Joey says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’m not quite sure I ever want a true beard, but always wanted facial hair, and finally getting some scruff. Very cool ‘project’ you had going here! The Hollywoodian and Balbo looked tight on you. Good luck! Keep up the sweet work.

  8. Matt says:

    This is a wicked site!

    The best thing is that you look quite like me (and vice versa obviously!), except I have a shaved head…
    But it’s a great way to see how I’d look with different styles!

    Cheeeeeeeeeeeers dude 🙂

  9. ben larkin says:

    cheers for this. Good to see all the styles on one single person for a better comparison.

  10. Dave says:

    Please grow The Mario. When you have a lot of time on your hands/face and there are guaranteed to be no girls or employers to impress.

  11. Simon Harvey says:

    Really like ! A+++++

  12. […] see the world. When not writing, Oliver enjoys travelling, watching cricket and growing different beard styles . Loading… var MarketGidDate = new Date(); […]

  13. Brian says:

    I feel inspired by this site and I think i’m going to try and do a Hollywoodian minus the chin portion. So a sort of bybrid betwen the friend mutton chops and hollywoodian. Hopefully this will work out well

  14. hotshot bald cop says:

    My thoughts exactly!

  15. George Gregg says:

    He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man (Oliver)

  16. LEO says:


  17. integraljedi says:

    Should have read your blog before picking up the razor. Maybe next time I’ll get it right. :o(|>

  18. Zach says:

    Wow most of them look great. The friendly Mutton Chop suits you well

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