Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…growing a moustache

It takes a special kind of man to wear a moustache, especially outside Movember, and I’m regularly impressed by those who have them during other months of the year. Sadly it seems to be seen most often on an older man’s face, but the moustache does seem to be making a comeback in certain communities.

My beard gallery is available here.

Moustache styles

The invention of the moustache is one of man’s greater achievements and although I’m sure there’s another famous moustache or two to add to this bit of the list, there’s definitely enough to get started with.


The Asquith starts off on one side of the face as a sideburn, crawls over the top lip and then turns down to the chin on the other side of the mouth. Named after its inventor, Scottish singer/songwriter Colin Asquith.


Copstash Standard

The moustache template for policemen and those in the military. The hair on the moustache must stay above the upper lip.



A famous moustache because of artist Salvidor Dali, as it approaches the corners of the mouth it makes a rapid bolt towards the wearer’s eyes.

Fu Manchu

A style of moustache that extends down past the mouth all the way past the chin. A favourite for fake moustache afficionados everywhere.


Handlebar moustache

A moustache of distinction, often associated with the English gentleman. The sides of this style generally curl upwards/outwards, meaning moustache wax is often needed for the full effect.

For those looking to maintain this style, here’s a great guide for waxing a handlebar moustache.



A full moustache with vertical extensions from the corner of the lips to the jawline, resembling a horseshoe or upside down U.


The Pencil

One of the most distinguished moustaches, just a thin line of hair along the upper lip.

Pencil moustache(2009)

Super Mario

A big bushy moustache made famous by Mario, said by some to be impossible to achieve. May have to be replaced by a not-dissimilar Mexican moustache.


One of the least popular men’s moustache styles because of a certain German dictator, this style was previously adorned by comedian Charlie Chaplin. Richard Herring created a comedy show about this type of moustache at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe, where he encouraged men to grow this style in order to reclaim it as a standard moustache option. I’m not brace enough to post this online.


Named after the large sea mammal that graces this large, bushy moustache, ideally the Walrus should cover the wearer’s lips. This style has been made famous by the likes of Albert Einstein and Scruffy the Futurama janitor.


Check out the beard gallery too.

4 Responses

  1. Nice post! Are those real or did you photoshop?
    Douglas Smythe

  2. …actually I am an ass. I just saw the dates underneath the photos!

  3. bill says:

    You should never grow a horseshoe again. That looks ridiculous.

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