Oliver is…

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man

…listening to beardy music

You may know that I like beards. You may remember that I like a band called The Beards, so you can imagine my surprise when I went on Bandcamp the other day to find them, only to be faced with pages and pages of other bands with beards in their names, and sometimes on their faces. With nothing better to do with my life, I spent the best part of a day and a half listening to them. Here’s a rundown of those bands, in the order they were presented to me:

(I also created a star rating — or a beard rating — with pictures of my face. Yes, work’s quiet at the moment. )


Best: 5/5

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…a yeard failure

A while ago I was all ‘I’m so cool, I’ve been growing a beard for six months‘ and now I’m all like ‘Yeah, I got rid of my beard’. What gives?
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…growing a yeard

Some of you may have noticed that my beard gallery hasn’t been updated in a while and may have put that down to general laziness.

You couldn’t have been more wrong.
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What do this woman’s foot, this baby doll and this man have in common?

footweltdeSource:  welt.de

SONY DSC       Source: disy.es

unibrowstereogumSource: stereogum.com

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…not that good at stealing

After my initial excitement caused by finding that people actually used the photo of my La Souvarov elsewhere online, I was a little disappointed to see that my anchor beard is only used once elsewhere — in a beard image gallery — and that my chin puff also had only been uploaded into a (different) beard gallery.

The French Fork, my half and half, mutton chops, short boxed beard, Wolverine and the Klingon were nowhere at all. Even the pencil moustache, my most searched for style, returned nothing. It’s almost as if people took the top photo from my site to give me hope and then never came back. Even the stupid galleries were avoiding me now.

Had I set myself up for a huge disappointment?
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…stealing ideas

My favourite English language travel blog focussing on Asia at the moment recently had a series on websites stealing his photos. Dave managed to get three articles out of it (and more to come?) with too many examples to bother counting and even managed to include my face somehow. Then I thought I could do the same thing with just photos of my face, because everyone wants to steal that, surely?

In a once before done thing I’m going to steal his idea, safe in the knowledge that there’s no Google App that can catch me.

At first I thought this was going to be a one-off blog with a couple of examples, but then I actually had a look. Starting with my first beard photo, Google actually went to a second page of results.

So just who has been stealing my La Souvarov beard photo?

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…sharing his comments

Not many people get to see behind the scenes of a popular (check this – Ed) website like this and while you may think that it’s simply a case of accepting every comment that comes my way, there’s actually a very strict process to reach approval and only a small fraction make the letters page of this site.

After seeing Mike, from Pakistan’s Online Bazaar, posting on my favourite alien wasps blog, I thought I’d share some of the recent comments left on my page of beard styles.
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…impressed by The Beards of Australia

When I first arrived in Australia there were a few differences I noticed that I wasn’t too keen on — they generally centred around things not being how I’m used to them, but I’ve since discovered teas, cheeses and beers that I can now enjoy.

One thing I did immediately like about the country was the immense facial hair on display, something helped a lot by arriving on 30 October so I could fully enjoy Movember unfold.

The Beards                                                                                             Source
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…six months old

If WordPress’ scheduled posting system works, I’ve now been away from the UK for six months.

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Movember’s over and it’s pretty much just withered away. No award*, no party**, no sense of fulfilment. Just an odd feeling standing at a bus stop realising that it was December and I still had a moustache.

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